Linear Optics – a solution for efficient AI, hard problems solving, quantum and microwave technologies?

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  • Organisers

    Nikos Pleros, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
    Francesca Parmigiani, Microsoft Research Ltd., UK
    Angelina Totovic, Celestial AI, USA

  • Subcommittee

    SC3 – Photonic Integrated Circuits, Assemblies & Packaging

  • Day & Time

    18.09.2022, 09:00 – 12:30

  • Location

    Room Delhi

  • Description

    This workshop aims to discuss the recent advances in Universal Linear Optical circuits and their transfer into Photonic Integrated Circuits for addressing a broad range of applications, including, but not limited to, machine learning, neuromorphic photonics, hard problem solving, quantum photonics, programmable photonics and microwave photonics. 

  • Programme

    Session 1: Raising the bar in Machine Learning: the photonic approach (90 min, 12 min per speaker + 18 min discussion)
    Neuromorphic Photonics using Diffractive Optics and Lattice Filters, Folkert Horst, IBM Zurich, Switzerland
    Universal Linear Optics in Neuromorphic Photonics, Apostolos Tsakyridis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece
    Multi-wavelength Silicon Photonic Neural Networks and Applications, Chaoran Huang, Princeton University, USA
    Amplitude Modulation in Linear Optical Circuits for AI inference, Johannes Feldmann, Salience Labs, UK
    Neuromorphic silicon photonics: inference and training, classical and quantum, Bhavin Shastri, Queens University, Canada
    Photonic-electronic accelerators for machine intelligence, Volker Sorger, Optelligence, USA
     Plenary discussion

    Coffee Break (30 min)

     Session 2: Photonic accelerators: thinking beyond machine learning (90 min, 12 min per speaker + 30 min discussion)
    Solving Hard Optimization Problems with Light, George Mourgias-Alexandris, Microsoft Research, UK
    Plug-and-play universal photonic processors for quantum information processing, Caterina Taballione
    QuiX Quantum, Netherlands
    Integrated microwave photonics PIC Platform: Realization of an optical beamformer, Chris Roeloffzen, LioniX, Netherlands
    Programmable Photonics, Daniel Perez-Lopez, iPronics, Spain
    Silicon Photonics in Programmable Linear Circuitry, Wim Bogaerts, imec, Belgium
     Plenary discussion

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